Meet your coach

Why hello there, my Kings and Queens! My name is Alina Vergara and I am The Ace of Hearts. I believe that love—in all its forms—brings purpose and beauty to life.

What drives me

I believe that all actions in life can be boiled down to two core motivators: love or fear. Whenever I'm presented with a choice, I ask myself if I'd rather be moved by fear or by love. I always choose love.

It is my mission to support my clients in finding the courage to choose and embrace love in all its forms so they can see the beauty in their inner and outer worlds.

What I can offer

I'm passionate about all things relationships, intimacy, healing, growth, healthy communication, bold living, integrity, and self-love.

It is my honor to offer certified guidance in these areas through coaching, classes, matchmaking, and other services.

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My Story

Ever since I was a goofy kid practicing my makeout skills on my family’s bathtub wall, I’ve been fascinated by love and intimacy. I grew up in Southern California as a bold and bubbly beach girl with big dreams, always in touch with my passionate Argentine roots. 

When I was young, my parents went through a tumultuous divorce and then, as a teenager, I witnessed them go through subsequent divorces with their second partners. Despite their own relationship pitfalls, my parents always instilled in me the notion that true, beautiful love does exist and is worth every ounce of pain it may take on the journey to find it. They raised me to be an empowered, intelligent, high-integrity, luminescent, and loving woman. I prided myself on this strong identity, and knew my worth when it came to life and love. My parents’ support, along with my zeal, eventually got me into USC, where I had the privilege of pursuing my passions for acting, Spanish, and psychology.

Then, while I was in college, I was raped—and my identity as I knew it shattered. I began self-sabotaging – seeking out a string of unhealthy “situationships” with your classic F-boys and douche-canoes. I lowered my tolerance for mistreatment to the point of ultimately accepting a psychologically abusive relationship that almost destroyed me. 

Fortunately, this relationship was also the catalyst to my spiritual awakening. I decided to embark on a healing journey and listen to the Universe, which had clearly been amplifying these tough love lessons on repeat: that we cannot change others, only ourselves. That it is up to us to reclaim our own power. That “[our] task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within [ourselves] that [we] have built against it” (Rumi). 

Through the depths of the messy work, I finally arose from the murky waters of introspective self-discovery and flowered into a lovely and loving lotus who found herself and her light again! As my parents foretold: the pain endured was profoundly worth the love I found in myself.

Rising to this self-loving vibration has aligned me with my highest path and purpose:

Helping you reach fulfillment by guiding you toward unconditional love in all its forms.

Now that you know why I’m here, ask yourself why you are here. You read my self-indulgently long story until the very end and I believe you did that for a reason. What is your reason? 

If you’re ready to rise in love, I invite you to explore my Services and get in touch.

Lighting your love, 



Hear what my fabulous clients have to say!

Alina is an incredible romantic consultant as well as an individual. As a male, I often don’t have the opportunity or luxury to consult a knowledgeable relationship consultant such as Alina. She has provided robust and substantive support for me at my most difficult and confusing hours. Thanks to her clarity and tact, I’ve found myself coming out on the other end of romantic issues empowered and also with more realistic expectations. Moreover, her extensive videos on dating and romance have broadened my understanding as a classically ‘clueless’ straight male, and have taught me many things that I previously was too embarrassed to ask after. I’d go as far as to say that Alina was instrumental in making me more of a gentleman, which has led me to having a much more rewarding and fruitful romantic life.
Alina is insightful, deeply caring, open-hearted and guides you with dedication to integrity. Her uncanny intuition and ability to listen deeply are paralleled by her positive energy. She can be nurturing, but also provide tough love - even when that’s not what you think you want. Highly recommend her services if you’re ready to break old patterns, reach a higher level with the self, and build truly healthy relationships!
I can honestly say that Alina is one of the most supportive people I have met who has proven herself to be a great coach and advisor. I wouldn’t be this confident in my relationship with my boyfriend if it wasn’t for her. Throughout my relationship, she has continuously lent an ear and has always given me sound advice. From telling me to open up my heart, to letting my guard down, she has helped me to have a healthy relationship and see things more clearly. To back track a bit, I met my boyfriend at a nightclub in Vegas, and I know what you’re thinking...but we just talked the night away. I caught my flight the next day and the rest was supposed to be history. But I immediately had a chat with Alina and, after hearing the story, she said, “I just have a feeling this guy is the one for you!” Now, I am not a person that believes in love at first sight, but hearing her have the intuition she had led me to further pursue things. She gave me the courage to push forward. Fast forward 3 and a half years later and I am proud and happy to say I did in fact meet my future husband in Las Vegas!
Alina has such a way with people that it’s just so easy to talk to her, but more importantly, confide in her. Her wisdom is far beyond her years, and her tender heart makes anyone feel safe, heard, and understood. She helped me figure out particular struggles I was having in my most recent relationship, which ultimately led me to make a very hard decision, which in turn lifted the heaviest weight off my shoulders. I have so much to thank her for. She is a rockstar in this field who can be trusted in helping individuals find the answers that their hearts are longing for.
Alina has helped me through life challenges by providing not only unlimited loving and caring support but also honest advice and new perspectives. She has offered different approaches and challenged my views and opinions about my marriage and physical well-being by pushing me to look beyond my own ideas and beliefs. Her advice is genuine, sincere, and eye-opening but never aggressive or harsh. She has been that extra pair of eyes that looks out for me, a fresh breath of air to see old, repetitive behaviors and situations in a new light so that I could finally break free from that harmful cycle I created and start living the life I want. Her positive attitude combined with her bright personality offer not only a warm, accepting, and nonjudgmental environment but an extra pinch of happiness in everyday life. I am extremely thankful for her and am truly convinced that everyone needs an Alina in their life!